Uniform Laundry Service in Northern Virginia


Numerous businesses mandate uniformed attire for their employees, spanning sectors like law enforcement, healthcare, dining, and retail. Maintaining impeccably laundered uniforms is crucial for conveying a positive image to customers, yet handling the laundry process can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. If your business requires uniformed apparel, consider Dukes' specialized industrial laundry service.

Dukes simplifies the process by picking up your soiled uniforms and providing a comprehensive service that includes washing, drying, and folding. Our commitment to quality is reflected in the exclusive use of premium products, steering clear of low-cost bulk cleaning agents commonly found in other industrial laundry services. Only top-tier brand products are employed in laundering your business's uniforms.

Each uniform undergoes a meticulous process, receiving careful washing, drying, and folding or hanging on hangers, followed by wrapping in protective plastic for delivery. Trust Dukes to manage your uniform laundry needs with precision, saving you time and ensuring a polished appearance for your workforce.


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