Medical Laundry Service in Northern Virginia


Maintaining cleanliness is paramount in medical facilities, where sanitation is crucial to prevent contagion. Whether it's a doctor's office, dental clinic, or hospital, the generation of soiled laundry is significant. From scrubs and lab coats to bed linens, blankets, towels, and hospital gowns, the volume of laundry is extensive. If your medical facility is struggling to keep up, Dukes provides specialized healthcare laundry services.

Committed to utmost cleanliness, Dukes ensures the highest quality medical linen services. Our use of premium products for laundering medical linens sets us apart from other industrial laundry services that may employ low-cost bulk detergents. These detergents, potentially less effective and leaving allergens, could be problematic for patients with sensitive skin. Our ozone system guarantees hospital-grade sanitation.

Following laundering and drying, each medical linen item is meticulously folded or hung on a hanger, and then wrapped in protective plastic for delivery. For those in need of healthcare laundry services, contact us today for a quote or to schedule a pickup. Benefit from our special pricing tailored for commercial customers, and find our contact form conveniently located on the right.


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